Quick & easy booking management

Convert emails & phone calls to bookings in a few seconds. Everything instantly saved, accessible anytime forever.

Duties management

  • Get all duty related information at a glance.
  • Manage allotment & track duty statuses in real-time.
  • Use intelligent search filters to quickly find any duty.
  • Send details with instant SMS & Email.

Use paper duty slips

Print beautiful custom duty slips after vehicle & driver allotment

Enter duty KM & Time to close duties manually

Automate Duty slips with the Justcar Go Driver app

  • Drivers get instant notifications of duty allotment on their phone.
  • The app also helps drivers navigate to reporting and drop addresses.
  • The driver app tracks duty KM & Time.
  • Collects customer signatures when the duty is completed.
  • Drivers enter toll and parking information.
  • All duty data is instantly visible, on the dashboard, ready for invoicing.

Generate invoices

Everything from extras to allowances is automatically calculated. Create invoices in exactly 3 clicks.

Record receipts

Enter payments received for multiple invoices or a single invoice in an instant.

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