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About Lonavala

Lonavala is the most famous picnic spot in India, Lonavala attracts thousands tourist from each part of our nations, beautiful scenic view and romantic climate made lonavala ideal place for picnic. Lonavala this word is derived from Sanskrit word "Lenyavali" it means necklace of caves.

Lonavala is passes through Pune Mumbai Highway so lonavala is favourite spot to spend leisure time in between travel, Lonavala was ruled by Yadavas by Mughals also later Marathas means Mavala soldiers concord Lonavala and made it part of Peshwai means region of Maratha empire lonavala is part of our ancient history so you can spend more quality time with family. Lonavala is the place tore apart two regions one is Deccan plateau (Dakkhan cha Pathar) and Konkan coastline (Konkan Kinarpatti) and special part is Indian Navy’s Premier Technical Training Institute is in lonavala which is pride of our nation.

Places To Visit Lonavala

There is many places in Lonavala to visit of course this is one of most popular picnic spot in India Lonavala has eye catching views and noteworthy sights our Pune Lonavala taxi service is always available to be hired we provide car rental service regularly on this rout so Book your Pune to Lonavala car rental with and fall in love with arresting beauty of Deccan plateau.

  • Bhushi Dam
  • Rajmachi Point
  • Duke’s Nose
  • Narayani Dham
  • Tiger’s Leap
  • Ryewood Park & Shivaji Udyan
  • Karla Caves
  • Lion Point

Karla Caves

We humans exist in Lonavala from ancient time and it’s Karla Caves, Karla cave is main tourist attraction in Lonavala which built in 160BC, in Karla cave you can find sculptures and there are some Hindu rock cuts also it describes life of ancient time and shows our cultural lifestyle, karla caves is proof of our oldest culture on earth

In ancient times lonavala was in between trade route from ancient south India and Middle East Asia so King of Satvahana Dynasty built large monuments in Between rout and Carla caves built in at same era

Lohgad Fort

Lohgad this word is took from Marathi language and its meaning is "Fort of iron", Lohgad fort is based nearby Lonavala railway station. In history there is no evidence when this fort was built period this fort was occupied by many rulers including Chalukyas, Yadavas, Satvahan and Marathas Shivaji Maharaj captured Lohgad for in year 1684 and used Lohgad fort as Locker for Empires treasury and this is one of Protected monument by government of India, Lohgad fort is immortal part of our glorious history get in touch with our heritage.

Bhaja caves

Bhaja caves was built back on 160BC, it has 22 Rock cut caves Bhaja caves is built on an hill and it’s about 400Feet from ground level, it has 22 caves and there are some main caves like chaityagrha cave number 12 and Buddha Vihara cave number 18, it has same architecture as Karla caves historians is cleared caves is built in same era and by same works family, this caves has beautiful stone work you will appreciate beauty of caves this is one of the best place to visit in Lonavala.

Visapur Fort

Visapur Fort and many people know this place as Visoopur fort is based on hill top near Visapur Village and built as part of Lohgad fort is 1084 above sea level. When enemy forces attacks on Lohgad fort they must cross visapur to attack on Lohgad Visapur fort has served Maratha and British Empire as Security door protect empire treasury.

Bhushi Dam

Bhushi dam is built on Indrayani River in year 1860 in British Raj by Peninsular Railway to provide water to the steam engines. Lonavala was main trading rout from ancient times so the British government also considered same route to develop railway lines. Now days Bhushi Dam is one of the main tourist sight in Lonavala.

Lions Point

Lions Point is hill corner it has best scenery mountain views and famous for dramatic climate wise scenery wise views lion point hill is in Kurvande taluka Bhushi dam is in between tourist Lonavala to Lavasa.

Sunil’s Celebrity Wax Museum

Sunil’s Celebrity Wax Museum has best reviews among wax museums in India it features lifelike wax statues of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities like Mr Amitabh Bachhan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and many superstars.

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