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    Pune Local Sightseeing

    Pune Point of Interest

    Pune and Many call it Poona, the word is come from Sanskrit "Punyanagar", The city of Good Karma, its cultural centre of Marathi culture , you will fall in love with in by visiting it in Anant chaturthi , pune having various options to do sightseeing, its surrounded by beautiful mountains, inside or outside you will find many point of interest by this city inside city there is tulsi baug or saras bag , pashan lake having great scenery of pune city we provide pune cab service in Pune in best fares.

    Local Pune Top Views and Sightseeing Places

    If you are thinking roam around the Pune city, so don’t worry Pune have very pleasant climate. It will be not like change weather suddenly usually its temperature is 27 to 30 Degree Celsius, and people enjoy it’s summer, Winters, spring by their own way by visiting near by hill areas. Nice people always ready to help, they are always exited to show their cultural heritage, we provide large range of pune cabs for local sightseeing we peaked some places and we have mentioned here.

    Places to Visit:

    Dagdusheth Ganpati :

    » This place is pride of pune, devotees come here for darshan from all over India, this Temples full name is "Shrimant Dagdusheth Halwai Ganpati Mandir", Most favourite deity in Hinduism and most endearing god for devotees, this place has own triumphant glorious history, The deity lord Ganesha was incepted by Shri Dagdusheth Halwai and his wife Lakshmibai way back, when they lost their only son to the plague epidemic and you can read full story on their website or by directly visiting temple, Many social welfare organisations actively work with this organisation for social and community development. There is saying "no one returns from here empty hand" visiting this temple is a spiritual experience. Temple has beautiful idol of lord Ganesha. every year Ganpati festival comes with happiness to Pune and whole Maharashtra. Decorations and Dhol Pathak (Local Drum Bands) are mainly attraction in Ganpati Festival

    Address : Dagdusheth Ganpati Mandir, Ganpati Bhavan, 250, Budhvar Peth, Shivaji Road, Pune, Maharashtra

    Dagdusheth Ganpati temple is 12 KM away from Pune Airport and it will take 30Min to reach by car

    Opening Hours : 06:00-23:00 Ticket Price : Free Entry Major festival : Ganesh Chaturthi, Ganeshotsav

    Saras Baug :

    » Saras Baug one of the main tourist attractions in Pune city, it was an park beside lake and with full with greenery, now lake is dried up but park is still there with an small ganpati temple, people call it "Talyatla Ganpati" Means Lake side Ganesha. Once Pune was centre of Maratha Empire, under guidance of Peshwa it’s construction started in 17th Century , the Ganesh temple was completed after 35 years, the construction of the temple was completed in 1784 after pranpratishtha of Hindu Lord Ganesh’s idol in the temple, Sara Baug renovated many times in last 2 centuries interesting fact is temple made to spend leisure time but later it used to plan strategy and Nizams and British empire, Peshwas and advisers would go boating to design their strategy and boats was steered by Africans to insure privacy of plan.

    Address : Saras Baug Ganpati temple, 2170, Sadashiv Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411030

    Saras Baug Ganpati temple is 13 KM away from Pune Airport and it will take 36 Min to reach by car

    Opening Hours : 04:00-20:00 Ticket Price : Free Entry Major festival : Ganesh Chaturthi, Ganeshotsav

    Shaniwar Wada :

    » Shaniwar wada is one of the historical building of Maratha empire it having very interesting story behind this fort. It has very beautiful huge gate and front of main gate you will see lovely garden at Shaniwar wada there is many attractions like Mastani gate, east facing Khidki Darwaza, Narayan Darwaza or jambhul darwaza (the word "Darwaza" means gate in Urdu language) and Saniwara is beautiful palace and fountains at front garden. this building construction was completed in 1732 after the opening ceremony was celebrated according Hindu religion customs. hire cab with just car rental and have memorable trip.

    Address : Shaniwar Wada Shaniwar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411030

    Shaniwar Wada is 11 KM away from Pune Airport and it will take 29 Min to reach by car

    Opening Hours : 09:30-21:30 Events : Evening Light shows

    Darshan Museum :

    » Darshan Museum is inaugurated on August 1, 2011 Darshan Museum not exactly Museum this is collection of memories and this darshan Museum keep it alive with High definition audios, hologram techniques, life like statues and sets.
    Organisers projects holograms on thin layer of smoke. darshan Museum is entertaining place for all group of ages based on its founders memories and principles. darshan Museum is well decorated and world class 3D visual and lightning technology. After watching this place visitors review is like "it was a magical experience", kids younger than 3 years are not allowed. Show runs free here, When you will walk in actually you will feel like you are in that scene and you will few for moments its going on in real life, but don’t worry this museum promotes good values, love for all, social awareness, unity, colours of life and independence movement of India, they play 3D holographs on thin air and that moment you will fell magic going on and Pune trip is incomplete without visiting this place.

    Darshan Museum is 8.2 KM away driving distance from Pune Airport , will take 23 Min to reach by car

    Opening Hours : 11:00-19:00 Thursday Closed

    Chaturshrungi Temple :

    » Chaturshringi Temple or Chattushrungi Temple is temple of Hindu deity Chattushrungi mata in Pune district Maharashtra. This temple is built in century around year 1660, this temple is of Saptushrungi mata but idol has only 4 limbs so this deity called as chattushrungi. This goddess is symbol of power and love to visit this temple you have to climb 100 steps it could be little hard for senior citizen, temple having an story there was merchant Durlabhsheth Pitambardas Mahajan he having stronger believe in Goddess saptshrungi when he was younger he visited many temples of Goddess saptshrungi but he grown up due to workload it was became hard to visit temple as like before so one night he saw mata saptshrungi in his dream, goddess told him "if you cannot come to me, I will come to you & stay near you." dig at North-west side of Pune city dig there, Durlabhsheth did same thing he found a natural idol of Goddess Chatushrungi inside pit and later he built a temple on that place. Temple’s address is mountain slope senapati bhat road at Pashan area Pune

    Chaturshingi Temple is 12.1 KM away driving distance from Pune Airport , will take 27 Min to reach by car

    Opening Hours : 06:00-21:00 Major festival : Navaratri, Ganesh Chaturthi

    Parvati Hill :

    » Parvti hill is a Hillock means tekdi and it’s around 2100 feet above sea level by visiting parvatihill you can enjoy most beautiful view of Pune city and at evening time you will feel like stars dawn to earth can see most scenic place in Pune city, atop of Parvati hill there is temple which built in Peshwai era and temple is dedicated to the lord shiv and parvati and other temples also of Vitthal Rukhmini, Vishnu and Kartikeya. Parvti hill has 103 steps to climb upward, Parvati Hill is also best observation point for paranoiac view. At top side you will take darshan at Vitthal Rukhmini Mandir, it made with black stone in 17th century.

    Parvati Hill is 15 KM away driving distance from Pune Airport , will take 47 Min to reach by car

    Opening Hours : 06:00-21:00 Major festival : Ganesh Chaturthi, Shivratri, Ashadhi Ekadashi, Navaratri.

    Aga Khan Palace :

    » Aga Khan Palace is one of the important land mark in Indian history, it has very important role in Indian freedom struggle. In 1892 Aga Khan Palace it was built by Sultan Muhammed Shah Aga Khan III Sultan wanted to help poor neighbouring areas of pune city. Aga Khan Palace has Italian arches and having ample space for lovely lawns. The building comprises five halls. But later palace was hit drastically by shortage of goods. Once this building served as prison for Mahatma Gandhi and Karsturba Gandhi. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) declared the place as a monument of national importance.

    Aga Khan Palace is 4KM away driving distance from Pune Airport , will take 10 Min to reach by car

    Opening Hours : 09:00-17:00 Thursday Closed Events : Independence day, republican day, martyrs day, Gandhi Jayanti

    National War Museum :

    » This is actually national war memorial southern command is based in cantonment area in Pune (chhavani area of Pune). It dedicated to post-Independence war martyrs means Independence of remaining Indian sub-continent freedom war. India’s states Goa, Daman and Bangladesh was liberated after 1947 and Indian army having major role in both events this museum instrument which used by Indian army during Goa Liberation war Indo-Pak war 1971 and Goa liberation war are displayed very nicely and at outer yard you can see Mig-23 fighter plane also at this area you can enjoy paint ball guns, and practice shooting targets and Have fun with your family, this is also one of most loved place in pune

    National war museum is 8 KM away driving distance from Pune Airport , will take 22 Min to reach by car

    Opening Hours : 09:30-19:00 Tuesday Closed Events : Independence day, republican day, martyrs day

    Iskcon NVCC Temple :

    » Whenever Punekars passing thought this area definitely they visit this Iskcon temple visitors told us that after visiting this place they felt like Vrindavan in Maharashtra they feel spiritual peace. And it’s same as vrindavan inside you can see small temples Vishnu avatars and you can enjoy traditional religious music and local art inside temple.

    Iskcon NVCC Temple Palace is 18 KM away driving distance from Pune Airport , will take 51 Min to reach by car

    Opening Hours : 06:00-20:00 Major festival : Ganesh Chaturthi, Shivratri, Ashadhi Ekadashi, Navaratri, Gokulastami.

    Pune Climate

    Pune is district in Maharashtra so as other parts Pune having hot semi dry climate usually temperature between 19°C to 33°C. in Indian subcontinent we experience Summer season , spring season and winter season. In summers in between March to June you can feel around 42°C temperature and in spring season in between July to September temperature is around 28°C after rain fall pune get little cooler and temperature from 22°C to 9°C you will feel very comfy in Winter season in between September to February.

    Pune division

    Pune one of the sixth division of Maharashtra, Maharastra is an Indian state. Pune is expended in 58,268 km² area, Pune division includes 5 districts. Pune, Kolhapur, sangli, satara and solapur this districts are part of pune division. Pune Division is bound by Kankan Division to the west, Nashik Division to the north, Aurangabad Division to the east, and Karnataka State to the south.

    Pune Location

    Pune is based on 18° 31’ 13" N, 73° 51’ 24" E coordinates. Pune is major district in Maharashtra, India.

    Pune Quick Facts

    • Pune is Cyber hub of India you will find more than 212 Software firms in Pune, Hyderabad and Bangalore having tough competition by having large number of software industry.
    • More than half of NRI’s belongs to Pune, Pune university bring outs highest numbers of professionals.
    • Pune is cultural centre of Maharashtra, in last two decades Pune has grown largely comparing to other parts of India.
    • Pune is well known for few things like IT industry, Culture and about Dog lovers.
    • If you see Pune’s Roads you will see two wheelers are everywhere at streets, Pune has largest numbers of two wheelers in world.
    • There is NDA training academy in Khadkavasla area its national pride.
    • Pune serves best educational system in Maharashtra.
    • Pune is fashion capital of Maharashtra state it reflects in every corner of Pune.
    • Pune police has great reputation all over India after Mumbai Police.
    • Pune airports operate for civil aviation and Defence aviation on same air strip.


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